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Battle of Bakhmut

Battle of Bakhmut The Ukrainian military may opt to withdraw its forces from Bakhmut, a strategically important position. Bakhmut Battle In the Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine, there is a little mining town called Bakhmut. Having served as both the focus of Russian attacks and the location of tenacious Ukrainian military defence, Bakhmut is now in ruins. The Significance of Bakhmut The proximity of Bakhmut near numerous significant routes may have some strateg

Porter prize 2023

Porter Prize 2023 Recently, the Porter Prize 2023 was awarded to the Union Health and Family Welfare Ministry. Major Points The government's approach to managing COVID-19, as well as the approach and involvement of many stakeholders, including the involvement of ASHA workers in the industry to create PPE Kits, were recognised with the award. Its involvement in the creation and production of vaccinations The award was presented during The India Dialog at Stanford Universi

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