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US-Canada Heat Waves

While heatwaves are quite common during the summer months, the scorching heatwave hitting parts of western Canada and the US has been particularly devastating – with temperature records shattered and hundreds of people falling victim to the extreme heat. Canada broke its temperature record for a third consecutive day: recording a whopping 49.6°C on 29 June in Lytton, a village northeast of Vancouver, in British Columbia. The persistent heat over parts of western Canada and part

Navigating the Rupee depreciation

Navigating the Rupee depreciation The rupee  has been falling and recently, the rupee fell sharply by 105 paise. It is considered as one of the biggest single-session falls in 20 months. Currently, the rupee stands at 74.47 against the US dollar. Reasons for Rupee Depreciation A combination of factors are responsible for rupee depreciation, such as Concerns over Covid-19 has created uncertainty in the market. This affected the FDI(Foreign Direct Investment) and FII(

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