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Wheat Blast

Wheat Blast The most significant food crop in the world, wheat, is under threat from a pandemic of blast disease, according to a recent study. Wheat Blast: What is it? In tropical and subtropical areas, wheat productivity is hampered by the fungal disease known as the wheat blast. Magnaporthe oryzae pathotype Triticum (MoT) is the culprit. In 1985, it was discovered in Brazil. Both wild and domesticated grasses are affected by the fungus, most notably rice and wheat. It sp


Blastomycosis In the US, there were 100 confirmed or suspected cases of blastomycosis, including at least one death. It is an infection brought on by the fungus Blastomyces. The environment is where the fungus thrives, particularly in damp soil and in organic materials that is degrading, such wood and leaves. Transmission: Breathing in the minute fungus spores from the air can cause blastomycosis in humans.  There is no airborne transmission of blastomycosis between

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