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Sandalwood Spike Diseases

Sandalwood Spike Diseases A recent study found that Sandalwood Spike Disease (SSD) is a serious threat to commercial sandalwood cultivation. About Sandalwood Spike Disease: It is a plant-borne infectious disease caused by phytoplasma. Phytoplasmas are plant-parasitic bacteria that are transmitted by insect vectors and involved in plant-to-plant transmission. There is currently no cure for the infection. To prevent the spread of the disease, the only option is to cut do

Partial Solar Eclipse

Partial Solar Eclipse On October 25, various portions of India witnessed a partial solar eclipse for the first time in more than ten years. It also marks the last solar eclipse of the year. A solar eclipse is what? A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon moves in front of the Sun, blocking some of the Sun's light from reaching Earth. An eclipse never occurs on its own. A solar eclipse often occurs two weeks either before or after a lunar eclipse. Recent partial solar e

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