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  • 15 March, 2021

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Data on Climate Change

Data on Climate Vulnerability

Ranking by various organizations of India’s Climate Vulnerability Status:

  • HSBC ranking(2018) Placed India at the TOP among 67 nations in Climate vulnerability.
  • Germanwatch(2020) India ranked 5th among 181 nations in terms of climate risk.
  • India is 3rd largest Carbon Emitter after China and USA.

Incidents supporting the same:

  • 2013 Glacial flooding in Uttarakhand
  • Heatwave in Delhi Hyderabad.
  • 2018 Chennai Kerala Floods.


  • Cold wave events in Texas

Countries Status

  • China announced C-Neutrality by 2060.
  • Japan and South Korea by 2050.

Source: TH

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