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  • 17 February, 2021

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Data on Mineral Resources of India

Data on Minerals

Types of mining: Open Cast and Underground mining


  • World’s largest producer of mica blocks and mica splitting.
  • World’s 2nd largest producer of crude steel in Jan-dec2019.
  • 2nd rank among the chromate producers of the world.
  • 3rd in production of Coal & Lignite, Chromite.
  • 5th in Manganese ore production.
  • Bauxite: 5th in production.
  • The mineral production (excluding atomic minerals and Minor Minerals) in India increased by 2.9% as per Index of Mineral Production during 2018-19.

Minerals &

Associated Industries



Production (India & World)


  • Core Industry

  • Haematite:80% in Eastern Sector. OD(34%)>JH(23%)>CG(22%)>KA(11%)>GOA(5%)OD: Gurumahisani, Mayurbhanj, Badamphar, Keonjhar,Sundargar,

JH: Singhbhum, Noamundi, Daltonganj, CG: Bailadila,Bastar, Dalli-Rajhara.

  • Magnetite:93% in Southern

KA(72%)>AP(13%)>RJ(6%)> TN(5%)>GOA(2%).

KA: Bellary-Hospet, chitradurg,BabaBudanHill, Kudremukh.

AP: Guntur, Nellore, Kurnool.

  • Limonite: UK:Raniganj, UP:Mirzapur, HP:KangraValley.
  • Siderite: Inferior quality iron ore (<40% Iron Content).

  • India has become the world’s 2nd largest producer of crude steel in jan-dec2019.
  • OD(55%)>CG(17%)> Ka(14%).
  • Australia (30.83%)>China (26.12%)>Brazil (15.74%)>India (7%)>Russia (3.28%).


  • Steel, Bleaching powder, Insecticides
  • OD(44%)>KA(22%)>MP(13%)>MH,GOA(7%).
  • 2nd in world reserves, after Zimbabwe.
  • MH:Nagpur,Ratnagiri, MP:Balaghat,Chindwara, AP: Vizag,Srikakulam, Cuddapah

KA:Uttarkannada,Shimoga,Bellary,Chitradurg, Tumkuru.

  • 5th in world production
  • MP(33%)>MH(27%)>OD(16%)


  • Alloying metal, in metallurgical and Chemical industries.
  • Manufacture of rails, automobiles, armour plates, armour piercing projectiles.
  • 96% of chromite reserves in INDIA is in OD.
  • OD: Jajpur, Kendujhar & Dhenkanal districts.
  • Rest in MN,NL.
  • 3rd in world(18%).
  • Kazhakhastan(40%)> S.Africa (35%) .
  • OD-major producer(99%).
  • South Africa is the largest producer followed by Kazakhstan, Turkey.
  • India- 4th in global ferrochrome production.


  • Used in Electric machinery, space, automobiles, defence, and telecom industries.
  • Cu+Fe+Ni= stainless steel, Cu+Zn=brass, Cu+Sn=Bronze.
  • RJ(54%)>JH(20%)> MP(19%)
  • Chile(23%)>Australia & Peru (10% each)>Russia (7%)>Mexico & USA (6% each)
  • MP(53%)>RJ(42%)>JH(4%)
  • Chile produces largest(28%) >Peru(12%)


  • High resistance to heat, corrosion & oxidation.
  • Stainless steel, Aerospace, Rocket industry
  • Found in association with Chromite in Odisha, uranium deposits of Jaduguda.
  • OD(93%)>JH>NL
  • Indonesia(24%)>Australia(22%)>Brazil(12%)
  • OD-major producer(99%)
  • Indonesia (23%)> Phillippines (15%)> Russia+ New Caledonia (10% each), Canada (8%), Australia (7%)

Lead & Zinc

  • Both occur together in ore.
  • Pb-acid storage batteries
  • Zn- Galvanising
  • Pb-Zn Ore: RJ(90%), AP(3%),MP(2%)
  • Mines: Rampura-Agucha of Bhilwara, Zawar of Udaipur, Others at Rajasamand,Ajmer.
  • Pb: Australia(40%), China (20%), Russia & Peru (7%)each.
  • Zn: Australia(27%)>China (18%), Russia & Mexico (9%).
  • RJ-major producer(99%)
  • Pb: China(48%)> Australia (9%)>Peru (6%). India(4%)-5th in production
  • Zn: China(31%)> Peru(11%). India(5%)-4th in production


  • Ordnance, Hard cutting tools, bulb filaments, paints, ceramics, textile
  • KA(42%), RJ(27%), AP (17%) and MH(9%).
  • Mines: RJ-Degana, sirohi, WB-Bankura, MH-Sakoli basin of Bhandara District and Nagpur
  • China (59%)>Russia (7%)>Vietnam (3%)
  • KA>RJ>AP
  • China was the leading producer (78%) followed by Vietnam (7%) and Russia


  • Aluminium metal extraction
  • OD(51%)>AP(16%)> GJ(9%).
  • Mines: OD-Panchpatmali, CG-surguja, MP-Shahdol.
  • Guinea(25%)>Australia (20%)>Vietnam(12%)
  • OD(65%), AP,GJ.
  • Australia(29%)>China(19%)>

Guinea (18%).

  • India(7%)-5th in production


  • Ornaments and Electronics
  • BH(44%)>RJ(25%)> KA(21%)>WB(3%)>AP (3%).
  • Ka:Hutti and HiraBuddini in Raichur district. JH:Singhbum,

AP:Kurnool District.

  • Australia>Russia>S.Africa>USA
  • KA(99%),JH
  • China(12%)> Australia (9%), Russia (8%), USA (6%), Canada (5%)


  • Highest electrical conductivity amongst all metals.
  • Used in printed electric circuits, coating for e-conductors in alloys of gold & copper for electrical contacts, solar cells
  • RJ(87%)>JH(5%)>AP(3%)
  • Barak deposit in Rajasthan
  • Peru(21%)>Poland (18%)>Australia(16%)>Russia (8%)>China & Mexico(7% each), Chile(5%).
  • Mexico, Peru, China, Australia, Russia, Chile and Poland are the main producers of silver.


  • High Insulation
  • Used in Electrical and Electronics industry, navigation compasses, optical instruments.
  • AP(41%) followed by RJ(28%)>OD(17%)> MH(13%).
  • AP: Nellore, Visakhapatnam,

RJ: Jaipur to Udaipur to bhilwara.

  • Brazil, India and Madagascar.
  • India has near monopoly in Mica Production


  • Paper mills,sugar, fertilizer, cement,steel, Bleaching powder, fuel-gas desulphurisation, Sculpture making

  • KA(27%), AP & RJ(12% each), GJ (10%), Ml(9%), TL (8%)
  • Mines- AP:Kurnool,


CG:Raipur, Durg KA:Kalburgi,

RJ: Nagaur,Bundi, Jaipur

  • RJ(20%)>MP(13%)>AP(11%)
  • India-2nd after China in cement production.


  • Lime stone with more than 10% Mg is called dolomite.
  • Its used as a flux in iron& steel, ferro-alloys and glass works
  • 88% resources is found distributed in eight States, namely.
  • MP(27%)>AP(15%)> CG(11%)>OD(10%), KA&RJ(7% each)>GJ (6%) and MH (5%)


  • Cement, heat insulation and treatment of acids
  • RJ(59%)>KA(36%)
  • Mines: RJ-Ajmer, Bhilwara,Pali,UdaipurKA-Chikmanglur,Hassan Mysore

AP-Cuddapah,pulivendula, JH-Singhbum

  • No production of asbestos was reported in 2017-19.
  • India imports from Russia, Kazakhstan, Brazil and China


  • High refractive index
  • Ornaments, Gemcutting
  • MP(90%)>AP(6%)> CG(4%)
  • Mines: AP: Anantapur, Kadapa, Guntur, Krishna, TL: Mahabubnagar and Kurnool, MP:Panna, CG:Bastar


  • NMI, National Mineral Inventory Data., based on the UNFC system (United Nation Framework Classification).
  • Indian Minerals Yearbook 2019, Ministry of Mines.
  • D.R.Khullar
  • Economic Survey

Source: Indian Minerals Yearbook 2019

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