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  • 16 February, 2021

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Health Care Data

Health Care

Annual health care expenditure

  • 2000-2015 Annual health care expenditure of the country is 4% of GDP Of which, 0.9 –1.07% is Govt Expenditure and 3.0-3.6% is Out of Pocket Expenditure

Lancent Report 2018

  • 2.4M Indians die of treatable conditions every year

Hospital bed coverage ratio,Doctor Population ratio

  • WHO recommended hospital bed coverage ratio 1:1000(Beds:Population) , Medical council of India(MCI) target 1:1600 while at present Beds Available are 1:2000
  • Present Doctor Population ratio - 1:1613, MCI target - 1:1400.
  • Nurse Population Ratio - 1:588, MCI target - 1:500

Preventive Care

  • Preventive Care accounts for 6.7 % total expenditure on health according to Niti aayog report, 2018

ICMR on morbidity:

  • Kerala,Goa - lowest morbidity while Assam, UP, Chattisgarh- highest morbidity

Constraints of primary health care centre(PHC) -

  • Only 15% of morbidities are represented in PHCs for which people can seek care.

Gaps in Health Service Provision

  • Urban areas have three times the doctor and four times the nurses compared to rural areas-MCI

Shortage of medical faculty-

  • 6 AIIMS saw only 31% filling of faculty posts in 2018.

Out of pocket expenditure

  • Out of pocket expenditure is 62% of total expenditure on health
  • 71% of out of pocket expenditure is on medicines
  • Paradox - India is largest supplier of generic drugs to the world

Health and wellness Centers

  • Only 55% OF HEALTH AND WELLNESS centers are operational as of 2020.

Public Health Spending

  • Andhra Pradesh has among the highest public health insurance coverage scores (71.36%), but still has out-of-pocket spending share much above the national average (72.2% of total health expenditure). In contrast, Himachal Pradesh (H.P.) with a much lower public health insurance coverage (3.87%) has a lower out-of-pocket (46.4%). Among other factors, this could be attributable to the much higher per capita public health spending in H.P., more than twice than that of Andhra Pradesh.
  • National Health Accounts 2017 - 66% of spending on health care in India is done by States.


  • Transfat-Unsaturated fats, naturally found in Meat & dairy pdts. Used to prolong shelf life of food pdts. Created during hydrogenation, and also in frozen and deep fried foods. WHO limits transfat in food to 2%, to be achieved by 2023. FSSAI limits Transfat to 2% in industrially produced foods. Is has to be achieved by 2022.

Unsafe abortions

  • Unsafe abortions the third are largest cause of maternal deaths in India. Make up 13% of all maternal deaths-WHO

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