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  • 24 January, 2023

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Hakku Patra

Hakku Patra

  • Five families from the Banjara (Lambani) clan received Hakku Patra (land title deeds) from the Prime Minister in a symbolic ceremony in Malkhed, in the Karnataka district of Kalaburagi. The ceremony was organised by the State Revenue Department.
  • The Banjaras are a significant scheduled caste sub-group in Karnataka, despite the fact that given the way they live, they are viewed as a tribal tribe.

What are title deeds or hakku patras?

  • The holder of a title deed is the legal owner of the property described in the document.
  • Owners can apply for bank loans using the title deeds as documentation.
  • Additionally, they will be permitted to purchase or sell property for which the government has issued a title deed.

About the Banjara people:

  • The words "banjara" and "vanj" both refer to trade and travel, respectively. Their language, Gorboli, has vocabulary from other languages.
  • These nomads ended up all over Asia and Europe and were an essential part of the supply chain for villages.
  • Many tribes, including the Banjaras, opposed the British attempts to annex their territory for plantations and recruit them as slave labour.
  • Banjaras, who have their origins in Rajasthan, currently reside in a number of States and go by a variety of names: in Rajasthan, they go by Gwar or Gwaraiya; in Andhra Pradesh, Lambada or Lambadi; in Karnataka, Lambani.
  • They are listed as different caterogories in the States as Vimukta Jati/denotified tribes, Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, Other Backward Class, and Scheduled Caste.

Source: Indian Express


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