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Kurubas demanding "ST" category in Karnataka

The Kuruba community has been demanding the Schedule Tribe tag and held a massive rally in the outskirts of Bengaluru The Kurubas of Karnataka are a traditional sheep rearing community. They are known by different names in other states, such as Kuruma in Andhra Pradesh, Golla in southern Karnataka, Dhangar in Maharashtra, Pal in Rajasthan, and Maldhari/Gadariya in Gujarat. They subscribe to the teachings of Kanakadasa who was a renowned composer of Carnatic music, poet, philo

Panchayat Implementation in 6th Schedule Areas

The Union Minister of State for Home informed the Lok Sabha on March 23, 2021 that there is no proposal presently to introduce Panchayat system in the Sixth Schedule areas of Assam.  What is Sixth Schedule? The Sixth Schedule of the Constitution of India protects tribal populations and provides autonomy to them by allowing the formation of autonomous administrative councils that can frame laws on land, public health, agriculture and others. Four states of North East India -A

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