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UK threatens to pull out of EU trade talks

Syllabus subtopic: Effect of Policies and Politics of Developed and Developing Countries on India’s interests   Prelims and Mains focus: about Brexit; the transition deal; conflicting issues between UK and EU regarding its implementation   News: Britain put the prospect of a chaotic Brexit back on the table as it set out its red lines for trade talks with the European Union.   Background Britain left the EU on January 31, but both sides agreed to a stand

Post-Brexit deal

Post-Brexit deal Britain and the European Union wound up their latest round of post-Brexit trade negotiations. Both the sides ruled out a quick deal but voiced hope for agreement in the coming months. The UK formally left the EU on 31 January 2020 and immediately entered into an 11-month transition period. During this period, the UK will continue to follow all of the EU’s rules and its trading relationship will remain the same. However, it is no longer part of the EU’s

U.K. to issue coin to honour Gandhiji

U.K. to issue coin to honour Gandhiji Context Britain is considering minting a coin to commemorate Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhiji’s birthday, October 2, is observed as the International Day of Non-Violence. As part of a global reassessment of history, colonialism and protests against racism in the U.S., some British institutions have begun re-examining their past. Many organisations have taken initiatives to make investments to help the Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) comm

UK to Issue Coin in Honour of Mahatma Gandhi

UK to Issue Coin in Honour of Mahatma Gandhi Britain is considering minting a coin to commemorate Mahatma Gandhi. The consideration is seen as part of efforts to celebrate achievements of people from the Black, Asian and other Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities. The British Finance Minister has written a letter to the Royal Mint Advisory Committee (RMAC), to consider recognising the contribution of BAME communities on Britain's coinage. The RMAC is an independent co

Deal in danger: On post-Brexit U.K.-EU trade deal

Deal in danger: On post-Brexit U.K.-EU trade deal Context: The U.K.’s hardening stance in the post-Brexit U.K.-EU trade deal negotiations. The chief negotiator from the U.K. had recently stated that the U.K. would not yield on its demands despite the lack of progress in the negotiations and it would be fine even with a no-deal Brexit. The British Prime Minister has set an October 15 deadline for reaching a post-Brexit U.K.-EU trade deal indicative of its hardened position in t

BREXIT Trade Deal

BREXIT Trade Deal Context: Brexit is a highly important topic in UPSC Mains Examination 2021. It is also important for UPSC Interview 2020. What is the European Union? The EU is an economic and political union involving 28 European countries. It allows free trade, which means goods can move between member countries without any checks or extra charges. The EU also allows free movement of people, to live and work in whichever country they choose. Headquarter of European Union

Analysis of Brexit Trade Deal

Analysis of Brexit: Limits of sovereignty GS Paper II International issues (UPSC Mains 2021) For complete analysis about Brexit and the Trade Deal: click here The tariff­free trade accord in goods that the U.K. and the EU signed on 24 Dec 2020, days before the post­Brexit transition expires, should mitigate somewhat the consequences of Britain’s narrow decision, in 2016, to leave one of the largest trading blocs. This averts a catastrophic ‘no deal’ s

Britain and EU release the text of Post Brexit Trade Deal

Britain and EU release full text of post­Brexit trade deal Britain and the European Union on Saturday published the full text of the post­Brexit trade agreement aimed at governing their relationship when the U.K. definitively leaves the bloc’s single market in just five days’ time. The document, which is more than 1,200 pages long, lays out detail on trade, law enforcement and dispute settlement among other arrangements between Britain and the EU after the U.K. l

Brexit: Britain leaves Europe’s single market

Britain leaves Europe’s single market Brexit becomes a reality as Britain leaves Europe’s customs union and single market, ending nearly half a century of often turbulent ties with its closest neighbours. Brexit has dominated British politics since the country’s narrow vote to leave the bloc in June 2016, opening deep political and social wounds which remain raw. But both sides are now keen to move on to a new future. Prime Minister Boris Johnson called Brexit “

Brexit Trade Deal

Brexit Trade Deal What are the main features of the agreement? The UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement, which came into force on January 1, 2021, retains the ‘zero tariffs’ and quotas trade regime of the past on all imports of goods. It thus averts the potentially catastrophic consequences for Britain of leaving the bloc without any agreement. A hard exit would have resulted in levies of 50% and higher and duties on dairy and food products, besides tariffs on manufac

India – UK relations post Brexit

India – UK relations post Brexit Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made many sudden and surprising decisions: some felicitous, others disastrous. Among the former were invitations to leaders of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation to attend his 2014 swearing-in and his visit to Lahore in 2015; among the latter were demonetisation and the ‘Namaste Trump’ spectacle last February. Yet to be defined in either category is his startling invitation to British P

India-UK virtual summit strengthens STI cooperation

India-UK virtual summit strengthens STI cooperation India and UK agreed on a common vision of a new and transformational Comprehensive Strategic Partnership between the UK and India, and adopted an ambitious India-UK Roadmap to 2030 to steer cooperation for the next 10 years. Some of the key points to strengthen STI cooperation between two countries are: Enhance cooperation between India and the UK on strengthening the role of women in STEMM at schools, universities, and research ins

Northern Ireland crisis

Northern Ireland crisis Background The communal clashes of April in Northern Ireland has left 74 policemen injured, threaten to undermine the fragile peace between Protestant pro-British loyalist unionists who want to remain part of the United Kingdom forever, and Catholic pro-Irish nationalists who wish Northern Ireland to become part of the Republic of Ireland. Failure of the Good Friday Agreement Northern Ireland altered enormously for the better after the signing of the A

Violence in Northern Ireland (UK)

Violence in Northern Ireland (UK) Recently, Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom (UK) saw the worst violence in years. Parts of Northern Ireland are split along sectarian lines, 23 years after a peace deal largely ended Northern Ireland's troubles. Reasons behind the Violence Geographically, Northern Ireland is part of Ireland. Politically, it’s part of the UK. Ireland, long dominated by the UK, broke free about 100 years ago after centur


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