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  • 31 July, 2021

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Homeless Children

Homeless Children

  • Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015 (JJ Act) is the primary law for children in the country.
  • As per Section 2 (14) (vi) of the JJ Act, a child who does not have parents and no one is willing to take care of, or whose parents have abandoned or surrendered him is included as a “child in need of care and protection.”
  • The Act provides a security net of service delivery structures including measures for institutional and non-institutional care to ensure the comprehensive well-being of children in distress situations.

Child Protection Services (CPS) Scheme

  • The Ministry is implementing a centrally sponsored Child Protection Services (CPS) Scheme under the umbrella Integrated Child Development Services scheme for supporting children in difficult circumstances.
  • Under the scheme institutional care is provided through Child Care Institutes (CCIs), as a rehabilitative measure.
  • The programmes and activities in Homes inter-alia include age-appropriate education, access to vocational training, recreation, health care, counselling etc.
  • Under the non-institutional care component, support is extended for adoption, foster care and sponsorship.
  • Further CPS also provides “Aftercare” services after the age of 18 years to help sustain them during the transition from institutional to independent life.
  • The data for homeless children is not maintained centrally by the Ministry. The primary responsibility for the execution of the Act and implementation of the Scheme lies with the States/UTs.
  • "Mission Vatsalya" subsuming CPS Scheme, has been announced in Union Budget 2021-22, with a Budget of Rs.900 crore allocated for current financial year.

Source: PIB

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