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  • 24 January, 2023

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Issues faced by Women in Sports 

Issues faced by Women in Sports

  • Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh, head of the WFI (Wrestling Federation of India), has recently been accused of sexual harassment by some athletes.
  • If WFI does not respond to the Sports Ministry's request for an explanation within 72 hours, the Ministry will move to take action against the Federation in accordance with the 2011 National Sports Development Code's provisions.

About allegation:

  • Between 2010 and 2020, the SAI (Sports Authority of India) received 45 complaints of sexual harassment, 29 of which were against coaches, according to RTI (Right to Information) Data.
  • In several of these incidents that were disclosed, the defendants received light sentences that included reassignment to a pitiful reduction in salary or pension.
  • Many of the cases have dragged on for years with no apparent resolution, and some have yet to see light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Germany's polls in 2021 raised the issue of sports violence. In May 2021, the Federal Parliament's Sports Committee held a public hearing on sexualized, physical, and emotional violence in sports.

Challenges faced by women in Sports:

Income disparity

  • Being paid half as much as or less than their male counterparts is the first obstacle that female athletes must overcome. Whatever the discipline, there are glaring differences in the earnings of male and female players. Even with prize money, this is true.

Commodification of women

  • On the field, just as in the streets, female athletes are objectified. Women are not seen as potential and talent-filled individuals, but rather as commodities displaying themselves for men's amusement by everyone from coaches to commentators to the audience.

Job insecurity

  • In addition to the fact that it appears unlikely for a female athlete in India to have a steady salary, there is also the unsettling issue of job security. Female athletes are occasionally forced to take on other jobs in order to supplement their income due to the limited financing that the teams and organisations receive for their training and equipment. They are unable to give their training and sport their full attention as a result, which frequently compels them to withdraw from the competition.

Lack of access

  • Without having access. 1.3 million fewer girls than males get the chance to participate in high school athletics. Girls must search elsewhere for sports because there isn't enough physical education in schools and there aren't many options for them to play in high school and college. These other sports may not exist or may be more expensive.

Safety and transportation issues:

  • Sports participants must have a location to practise, and for many females, especially those living in densely populated cities, that means walking through dangerous areas to get to facilities or being without transportation to reach facilities located miles away. A girl and her family may have no choice but to stay at home if a safe option, such as carpooling with other families, is unavailable.

Lack of positive role models:

  • Today's girls are constantly exposed to pictures of physical beauty rather than strong, independent female role models in sports. For some females, it's more vital to fit into the stereotype they're told to maintain than to stand out. Them can experience peer pressure at any age, and if it isn't countered by strong encouragement to engage in sports and healthy physical exercise, the outcomes could cause girls to stop trying entirely.

How might sports assist promote gender equality?

Sport has the potential to advance gender equality since it promotes balanced involvement (SDG Goal 5: Achieve gender equality and empower all Achieve women and girls)

  • Women and girls can become more independent and take advantage of sport's positive effects on their health and psychosocial conditions through physical activity and sport.
  • Both men and women's physical and mental health can benefit from participating in sports.
  • Girls who participate in sports as teenagers and young adults had a 20% lower lifetime risk of developing breast cancer.
  • Women who participate in sports frequently have more educational and job options, which can result in more economic empowerment for them.
  • Sports engagement by women can influence society perceptions of women and their skills.
  • By witnessing women succeed in athletics, more women may be motivated to pursue their own ambitions and break down gender stereotypes about what women are capable of.


  • India's sports industry is still developing. An all-encompassing strategy ought to be used to quicken this pace of development. Infrastructure development, talent spotting for sports, regular sports event planning, and grassroots awareness raising are all necessary.

Source: Indian Express


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