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  • 24 August, 2022

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Kerala Savari

Kerala Savari: India's first online taxi service as a public option

To guarantee fair and courteous service to customers as well as fair compensation for auto-taxi workers, Kerala has launched "Kerala Savari," the nation's first online taxi service run by a State government.

The necessity and the goals

Governments are quite concerned about the alleged unfair business practices and violations of consumer rights by private, app-based taxi aggregators.

As a result, the Keralan government decided to create an app-based platform to provide the general public with auto-taxi service.

About Kerala Savari

  • Under the direction of the Labor Department and operated by the Motor Workers Welfare Board.
  • On "Kerala Savari," the taxi driver will receive the authorized fare; nevertheless, taxi drivers who work for private internet businesses frequently receive fares that are less than the amount set by the government.
  • It guarantees secure transportation for the general public at "government regulated fares" without "surge pricing."
  • Features that relate to security it is promoted as a trustworthy internet resource for women, kids, and elderly people. When building apps and registering drivers, this factor was given consideration.
  • Along with the necessary training, a police clearance certificate is required for drivers joining the program.
  • A panic button system has been introduced in the app. This button can be pressed in the event of a car accident or in cases of any other danger.

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Source: The Hindu

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