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  • 27 July, 2021

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NISHTHA programme for continuous professional development of the teachers during Covid

NISHTHA programme for continuous professional development of the teachers during Covid

  • Due to COVID-19 challenges and in order to provide continuous professional development opportunities to the teachers at the elementary level, this Department has launched NISHTHA online using DIKSHA platform in October 2020.
  • Around 24 lakh teachers have completed NISHTHA online training at the elementary level by June 2021.
  • Under NISHTHA, a module on integrating ICT in teaching, learning and assessment has been introduced.
  • Further, NCERT initiated a webinar series in April 2020 focussing on the orientation of teachers, students and other stakeholders on use of various ICT tools, digital initiatives and emerging trends in educational technology, cyber safety and security.
  • Assessment is in-built in every Module and Online Certificates are automatically generated for participants after completion of the course.
  • Module 1 of NISHTHA is specifically on ‘Curriculum, Learner Centred Pedagogy, Learning Outcomes and Inclusive Education, wherein the pedagogies for achieving the learning outcomes for all children have been specified, namely, the role of teachers in creating inclusive classrooms and Teacher’s skills- accept and address diversity, gender-sensitive education, inclusion in the teaching of different subjects and assessment for an inclusive environment.
  • Further, it also includes content on assistive technologies, digital resources for DIVYANG children etc. NCERT has developed guidelines on specific goal of developing teaching-learning e-content for Children with Special Needs.
  • At Present the following contents in English and Hindi Medium in the form of Text, Video and Sign Language are available on the DIKSHA Platform for the benefit of the Learners:

NCERT and NIOS have also developed e-content for visually impaired children and uploaded it on DIKSHA.

  • 21 subjects of Secondary level comprising 763 content pieces
  • 32 subjects of Senior Secondary level comprising 1333 content pieces
  • 191 videos in ISL medium for 7 subjects of Secondary and Senior Secondary level.

Following initiatives have also been undertaken by NIOS for the creation of content for DIVYANG children:

  • NIOS is delivering a one-hour live programme in Indian Sign Language twice a week on PM e-Vidya 10 TV Channel since September 2020.
  • NIOS delivers 3 hours of live video programmes every day on PM e-vidya 10 and 12 channels for providing continuous learning support for learners at the Secondary and Senior Secondary levels including Vocational Courses and Indian Sign Language-based content.
  • Sign Language Dictionary comprises 36 videos of about 2000 words and sentences.

Source: PIB

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