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  • 28 May, 2020

  • 1 Min Read

Nilgiri Pipit

Nilgiri Pipit

Nilgiri Pipit (Anthus nilghiriensis) is a bird endemic to the Western Ghats of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, southern India.

  • It occurs on grassy upland slopes interspersed with bushes and trees, mainly above 1,500 m, and is commonest over 2,000 m.
  • It is listed as “Vulnerable” in IUCN red list category.
  • It feeds mostly on creeping grass in valleys, but nests in marshy grasslands with slightly taller grasses and sedges, particularly near streams.
  • It has been recorded consuming the seeds of grasses and herb. Its grassland habitat is gradually being converted to plantations of tea, eucalyptus and silver wattle Acacia dealbata.

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