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  • 23 May, 2020

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Pili Yesa

Pili Yesa

  • Pili Yesa in Tulu "Tiger Masque" is a folk dance unique in coastal Karnataka.
  • Huli Vesha or Pili Yesais a folk dance famous in coastal Karnataka performed during Navratri to honour the Goddess Durga whose favoured animal is the tiger.
  • It was originated in Udupi District of Karnataka and initially performed during the Krishna Janmashtami/Mosarukudike and Ganesha Chaturthi at Mangalore, Udupi, Moodabidri, Kundapur and many other places in Tulu Nadu.
  • There are four types of huli vesha. The various colours used in it are white, orange, yellow and black. These colours are painted all over the body of the artiste along with the stripes.
  • Typically, young males form troops of five to ten members or more, which will have three to five males painted and costumed to look like tigers, and a band called thaase in Tulu with two or three drummers.
  • During Navratri, these troops will be roaming the streets of their towns, with the accompanying drum beats of their bands. They stop at homes and businesses or on the roadsides to perform for about ten minutes after which they collect some money from the people who have observed their performance.

Source: PIB


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