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International North-South Transport Corridor

Context India’s Foreign Minister addresses the Chabahar Day event organized at the Maritime India Summit.  During the address, the minister put forward the proposal with respect to INSTC (International North-South Transport Corridor): Inclusion of Chabahar Port in the International North-South Transport Corridor(INSTC). Expansion of the INSTC membership by including Afghanistan and Uzbekistan. About the International North-South Transport Corridor(INST

Hazara Tribe Under Attack in Pakistan

Hazaras are a tribe belonging to Shia sect living in the mountainous region of Afghanistan-Pakistan border. They have been in news because of prosecution by the Sunni majority regime in both the countries.

ISRO & Related Space Agencies- Antrix, New Space India Limited & IN-SPACe

NSIL and ANTRIX NSIL’s main purpose is to market the technologies developed by ISRO and bring it more clients that need space-based services. That role, incidentally, was already being performed by Antrix Corporation, another PSU working under the Department of Space, and which still exists. The government has clarified the role of NSIL that it would have a demand-driven approach rather than the current supply-driven strategy. Essentially, what that means is that inste

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