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Carbon Dating

Carbon Dating A Varanasi district court recently denied a request to carbon date a disputed structure that was allegedly discovered on the grounds of the Gyanvapi Mosque. How does carbon dating work? Carbon dating is a popular technique for figuring out how old organic materials—i.e., things that were once alive—are. Carbon exists in a variety of forms in all living things. The carbon-14 (C-14) dating method is based on the fact that C-14 is radioactive and

Japan seeks GI tag for Nihonshu

Japan seeks GI tag for Nihonshu Nihonshu/Japanese sake, an alcoholic beverage, has been submitted for a Geographical Indication (GI) tag by the Japanese Embassy in New Delhi. This is the first product from Japan to submit an application for a tag at the Chennai Geographical Indication Registry. Regarding Nihonshu This fermenting rice-based beverage is regarded as a rare and priceless commodity. Nihonshu is typically consumed on special occasions like holidays, wedd

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