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Stop TB Partnership Board

Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare appointed as the Chairman of the Stop TB Partnership Board. The Minister will serve a 3-year term/ About Stop TB Partnership: Stop TB Partnership was established in the Year 2000. Its aim is to eliminate tuberculosis as a public health problem. Amsterdam Declaration: In 2000, Stop TB Partnership gave a call for collaborative action from ministerial delegations of 20 countries with the highest burden of TB. Secretariat: Geneva,

Joint Rivers Commission framework

India-Bangladesh Water Resources Secretary-level meeting held under the Joint Rivers Commission framework. Key Takeaways: India and Bangladesh share 54 common rivers. Hence, both the countries agreed to expand cooperation on water resources-related issues. For this, a Joint Technical Working Group will be set up to provide inputs on the cooperation. About Joint Rivers Commission Framework Joint River Commission Framework was constituted under the Indo-Bangla Treaty


The Science and Engineering Board (SERB) launched a portal called “SERB – PRoject Information System & Management(SERB-PRISM Portal) About the SERB-PRISM Portal: The portal aims to provide information regarding all projects sanctioned by SERB from 2011 onwards. It will help researchers in research trends, learning about cutting-edge science. About Science and Engineering Board(SERB): SERB is a statutory body established in 2009. It functions under th

World Energy Transitions Outlook Report

The report was released by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). It says that the Covid-19 crisis offers an unexpected opportunity for countries across the world to decouple their economies from fossil fuels. IRENA estimates that by 2050, 90% of total electricity needs would be supplied by renewables, 6% from natural gas and remaining from nuclear. About IRENA: It is an intergovernmental organisation mandated to facilitate cooperation, advance knowledge, and promot

NASA ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar

ISRO and NASA signed a partnership in 2014, to collaborate on and launch NISAR (NASA-ISRO SAR) by 2022. About NISAR: NASA is providing L-band SAR, a high-rate communication subsystem for science data, etc., ISRO is providing the S-band radar, and launch services. NISAR is a Synthetic Aperture Radar that can produce extremely high-resolution images for a joint earth observation satellite mission. It will be the first satellite mission to use 2 radar frequencies (L-band an

Illegal Farming in Wenlock Downs

Over 100 hectares of the total expanse of 1,500 hectares of the last remaining grasslands in the Wenlock Downs of Nilgiris is being slowly eroded by Todas and Kotas. This is because many of the Todas and Kotas have leased the “forest lands” to non-tribals in exchange for a small fee. There is also the question of the Forest Rights Act in this area, as to whether it would supersede the rights acknowledged under the Toda patta lands, or whether it offers additional protection.

Conservation of Ancient Folk Cultures

To protect, preserve & promote various forms of folk art and ancient folk cultures throughout the country including Jharkhand, Bihar and Kerala, the Government of India has set up seven Zonal Cultural Centres (ZCCs) with headquartrs at Patiala, Nagpur, Udaipur, Prayagraj, Kolkata, Dimapur and Thanjavur. Ancient folk cultures being preserved in Jharkhand are Faguwa Nritya, Turi Nritya, Paika Nritya, Hodopathy, Tribal dance (Karam Nritya).    

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