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Arctic Snailfish with Freeze Proteins

Arctic Snailfish with Freeze Proteins Scientists have discovered a fluorescent snailfish (Liparis gibbus) with antifreeze proteins coursing through its veins beneath a Greenland glacier. By doing this, snailfish may stop ice crystals from building up in their cells and bodily fluids. About the Discovery The first known Arctic bio fluorescent fish is also a result of the discovery of the Greenland snailfish. According to experts, it is uncommon for a marine animal to dis


Exo-moons Recently, with the aid of ground-based and space telescopes, scientists found approximately 5,000 exoplanets. About Exomoons Exomoons are regarded as those naturally occurring satellites that orbit exoplanets. Exomoons around any of these planets, though, are still untraceable. Exo-moon signals are too feeble due to their small sizes. Origin: The solar system is made up of multiple naturally occurring satellites of various masses and sizes. A few of these satell

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