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Russia gave nod to New START Treaty

Russia gave nod to New START New START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty is a nuclear arms reduction treaty between the United States and the Russian Federation with the formal name of Measures for the Further Reduction and Limitation of Strategic Offensive Arms. It was signed in 2010 at Prague, and, after ratification entered into force in 2011, it is expected to last at least until 2021. New START replaced the Treaty of Moscow (SORT), which was to expire in December 2012. It follows the

NASA captures images of ‘Lost Galaxy’ in Virgo Constellation

The Hubble Space Telescope of National Aeronautics and Space Administration- NASA has captured the stunning image of ‘Lost Galaxy’ in the Virgo constellation. Like our own ‘Milky Way’, the ‘Lost Galaxy’ is a barred spiral galaxy. It is a vast swirl of stars with a distinct bar structure at its centre. The yellowish glow of the lost galaxy points to its oldest and coldest retinue of stars.

Minister Harsh Vardhan nominated to GAVI Board

The Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare Dr Harsh Vardhan was recently nominated by the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation, GAVI as a member of GAVI board. The term of the minister as a member in the GAVI board will be between 2021 and 2023.  Dr Harsh Vardhan was elected as the chair of the World Health Organization. GAVI Board The GAVI Board is responsible for policy making, providing strategic directions, over seeing the operation of the alliance and to

Judicial Appointments in India

Judicial Appointments in India What is Collegium? Collegium system of the Supreme Court (SC) and the High Courts (HCs) of India is based on the precedence established by the “Three Judges Cases (1982, 1993, 1998) “. It is a legally valid system of appointment and transfer of judges in the SC and all HCs. It is a system of checks and balance, which ensures the independence of the senior judiciary in India. The Judges Cases The First Judges Case (1981) ruled tha

Judicial Appointments in India

Judicial Appointments and Vacancies in India Judicial Vacancies has been the issue of Indian Judiciary since a long time now. Click here to read more on the UPSC Facts and Data for Vacancies in Indian Judiciary. Some Constitutional Provisions related to appoint of Judges Article 124(2) of the Indian Constitution provides that the Judges of the Supreme Court are appointed by the President after consultation with such a number of the Judges of the Supreme Court and of t

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