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Post info app Minister of Communications & Information Technology Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad has launched India Post’s mobile app for mail tracking. The new Post info app, developed by the Centre for Excellence in Postal Technology, provides facilities for: mail item tracking; post office searches; and a calculator for postage costs, insurance premiums and interest. According to India Post, the app can be used to track the following types of mail items: • Speed Post

Instrument Landing System (ILS)

Instrument Landing System (ILS) An instrument Landing System (ILS) is defined as a precision runway approach aid based on two radio beams which together provide pilots with both vertical and horizontal guidance during an approach to land.

All 9 tribal freedom fighters museums to be ready by end of 2022

All 9 tribal freedom fighters' museums to be ready by end of 2022 As per the statement released by the ministry, two of the nine museums sanctioned for the tribal freedom fighters are already nearing completion and the rest of them are at the different stages of progress. The largest of these museums have been built in Rajpipla in Gujarat at a cost of Rs. 102.55 crores. The government has been planning permanent museums in the states where Tribals had lived, struggled against the Brit

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