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12 Nov, 2020

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GS-III : Biodiversity & Environment Wildlife & Fauna


  • Scientists have discovered a detached coral reef in the Great Barrier Reef of Australia taller than the Empire State Building of the United States.

About the reef

  • The newly discovered reef adds to the seven other tall detached reefs in the world. This includes Raine Island.
  • Raine Island is the most important Green Sea Turtle nesting area in the world.

What are Detached reefs?

  • Detached reefs are the reefs that are bedded to the ocean floor but are not a part of the main body of the Great Barrier Reef.
  • The newly found detached reef has great potential for the new species to evolve because there is a lot of deep water between this reef and the next coral community.

Source: TH


GS-III : S&T Indigenization of Technology


Uddhav Thackeray cleared Mumbai’s first desalination plant.

What is the Swiss Challenge method?

  • The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is planning to take the ‘Swiss Challenge Method’ for the project.
  • Under this, a project can be awarded to a private player on an unsolicited proposal.
  • The private firm which has first submitted a proposal can be approached directly for negotiations and if they do not agree, then other bidders are called.

What are desalination plants?

  • A desalination plant turns salt water into water that is fit to drink.
  • The most commonly used technique used for the process is reverse osmosis where external pressure is applied to push solvents from an area of high-solute concentration to an area of low-solute concentration through a membrane.
  • The microscopic pores in the membranes allow water molecules through but leave salt and most other impurities behind, releasing clean water from the other side.
  • These plants are mostly set up in areas that have access to sea water.

Source: PIB

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