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African ‘orphan’ Crop

African ‘orphan’ Crop Researchers recently discovered genes in the regional food crops of Africa that can increase drought tolerance. About Orphan crops               Orphan crops are wholesome regional food crops that could be extremely important in the fight against hunger. Although they are not traded worldwide, these crops have evolved to be able to flourish in inclement weather. Crops Or

Butterfly Mine

Butterfly Mine The contentious "Butterfly Mine," an anti-personnel mine that is meant to prevent free movement of the soldiers along the enemy line, is said to have been used by Russia in the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. About               Anti-personnel landmines with the designations PFM-1 and PFM-1S are sometimes known as "Butterfly mines" or "Green Parrots." Thes

Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD)

Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) The likelihood of above-average rainfall over much of Australia has increased due to a negative Indian Ocean dipole event that has been proclaimed. What is the Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD)? It is an atmosphere-ocean coupled phenomenon in the tropical Indian Ocean (like the El Nino is in the tropical Pacific), characterized by a difference in sea-surface temperatures. A ‘positive IOD’ — or simply ‘IOD’ — is associated with

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