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Panipat Movie controversy: The Panipat trailer depicts Afghan king Ahmad Shah Abdali as a ruthless and brutal ruler

Panipat Movie controversy: Panipat trailer has created a controversy in Afghanistan over Sanjay Dutt’s portrayal of Ahmad Shah Abdali in the movie. The Panipat trailer, has stirred fears of impacting Indo-Afghan ties after its brutal depiction of Afghan king Ahmad Shah Abdali, who is considered as the founder of modern Afghanistan. Third Battle of Panipat: Everything you need to know The Third Battle of Panipat, known as one of the most significant battles ever fought in t

UNESCO added Mumbai and Hyderabad cities in UCCN (UNESCO Creative City Network) list

The UCCN or UNESCO Create City Network has declared Mumbai as a member of the creative city of films. Hyderabad has been named as a creative city for biryani and other delicious cuisines. UNESCO added both cities in UCCN (UNESCO Creative City Network) list along with 64 other cities from across the globe. Both cities will now be part of the 246-member UNESCO’s creative city network. This network brings together all those cities that have developed on their own creativity. What is UCCN?

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