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Water Pollution: Yamuna Project

Water Pollution: Yamuna Project The Centre accused Delhi of being a “habitual offender” in polluting the waters of the Yamuna due to which Water Pollution is on rising.  The State of Haryana, on the other hand, objected to Delhi’s accusations about it releasing untreated effluents into the river due to faulty treatment plants, saying the “problem is not with Haryana, but within Delhi”. A three-judge Bench led by Chief Justice Sharad A. Bobde gave

WISER Programme for Women researchers in joint R&D Pro

WISER Programme for Women researchers in joint R&D Pro A first-of-its-kind programme to promote women in the field of research and development through lateral entry was launched. The programme called Women’s Involvement in Science and Engineering Research (WISER) program was launched by Indo-German Science & Technology Centre (IGSTC) for encouraging women researchers in joint R&D projects. This program by IGSTC, a joint initiative of the Department of Science and

SWADESH - World’s First Brain Imaging Data & Analytics

SWADESH - World’s First Brain Imaging Data & Analytics DBT-National Brain Research Centre (DBT-NBRC) has recently developed project SWADESH - World’s First Brain Imaging Data & Analytics is a unique brain initiative focusing on certified neuroimaging, neurochemical, neuropsychological data and analytics that are made accessible to researchers for managing brain disorders. SWADESH is the first large-scale multimodal neuroimaging database designed specifically for

Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme

Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme Sovereign Gold Bonds This scheme is for those individuals who intend to purchase gold for investment. These bonds are issued by RBI on behalf of Govt on payment of Rs denominated in gms of Gold. The interest is not fixed (unlike G-secs): given the prevailing price of Gold. Like G-secs, they are backed by a Sovereign guarantee. Gold Monetization Scheme, 2015 The scheme was launched in November 2015 along with sovereign gold

Vehicle Scrapping Policy 2021

Vehicle Scrapping Policy 2021 Road Transport and Highways Ministry announced the Voluntary vehicle fleet modernisation programme. The programme is also known as the Vehicle scrapping policy. Why in news? Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled the National Automobile Scrappage Policy and said the initiative will promote a circular economy and make the process of economic development more sustainable and environmentally friendly. The policy, aimed at recycling old and u

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